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What is Google Panda Algorithm?

Google panda algorithm update was a manual update to Google's search algorithm released on April 24, 2012. This update targets websites with thin content (only a handful of pages) or websites with low-quality content. This update was to penalize those websites and penalize them for low-quality content and to give a boost to high-quality content or what Google would consider high-quality content.

Unfortunate for Google, the result of this update seemed to have the opposite effect and websites with original content were penalized while websites that copied those contents got a better ranking.

To explain what high quality means to Google, they released their guidelines for high-quality content.

One of the interesting sections of the guidelines (which we suggest you should read in its entirety) is the last item: * Would users complain when they see pages from this site?

It is not that hard to see that Google gathers this information from the feedback link on the search result page. It is interesting to know why the effect of those feedbacks is so tiny. The aggregated results of all those feedbacks are just a minor factor for the Panda algorithm.