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What are the different SEO IP classes?

In the previous article we talked about the early days of the internet and the concept of classful IP addresses. SEO IP classes is a concept that Google introduced to the SEO community through one of their patents.

One of the biggest challenges Google had to face was how to differentiate between different back links. If a website gets a backlink what information can Google gather to determine if the link is organic or it comes from another website that is controlled by the reciving website?!

One way to achieve that was to look at the IP address of the backlink. The further away the IPs the better the juice and the closer the IPs in term of networking, the lower their values.

Let's say if we have a website hosted on and we have 2 backlinks to it from and another one from, it is easier to see that and are in the same network and probably owned by the same entity while the other IP is probably owned and operated by a different company. Google tends to provide less juice to the first link and more to the second one.

C Class SEO IP

SEO Classes are a simplified version of the classful IP address concept. To determine if 2 IP addresses are in the same class C network, we can simply compare the first 3 octets of those IPs. If they are the same, then they are in the same class C network. If the first 3 octet are differnt then we say thay are in different class C networks and are more valuable for SEO.

So: and are in the same C class while the and are in different C classes. This is by far the cheapest SEO boost you can get and is the most common option available through other SEO Hosting companies.

B Class SEO IP

Very similar to the above definiton but instead of the first 3 octets we compare the first 2 octets. This time the IPs are far more valuable for SEO as they are more distributed.

If we look at the previous example even if and are in different C classes, they are in the same B class. But and are in different B classes.

Our SEO Hosting is the only company that can provide cPanel web hosting on different B class IPs.

A Class SEO IP

By now you probably already know that the different A class IPs are the ones that their first octets are also different. For instance and are from different A class IPs while 10._1.1.1 and are from the same A class even if their octest look much more different than the first example. What that matters here is only the first octent.

A class is the most desired IPs and the hardest to come by. There are very rare and the whole internet has less than 140 routable public A class IPs.

Here at Smart SEO Hosting we are proud to be able to provide up to 75 different A classes to our clients.