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How to purchase high quality domains?

A private blog network is a privately owned group of websites of high quality domains that provides backlinks to customer facing webistes that need to improve their SERP rankings.

In order to build a successful private blog network(PBN), we need to:

  1. Know how to measure the quality of a domain. We need to be able to compare 2 separate domains and be able to tell which one is better than the other and how valuable each domains are.
  2. Where to find those domains? Just knowing how to measure the value of a domain is not enough. We need to know where to find valuable domains that are ready to be purchased.
  3. When we manage to filter out valuable domains, we then need to know which markets to look to purchase those domains.
  4. We also need to know how much to pay for those domains.
  5. Finally we need to fill those websites with quality content and make sure they do not get delisted by Google and lose all their values over night.

In this section we are going to mostly focus on the first few steps. Mostly the ones that cover the valuation, and purchase of those domains.

How to tell if a domain is high quality?

Years ago, Google would publically disclose the PR rank of each page. Even if back then PR updates were rare and delayed, the data was the most reliable. It did take Google years to realise that PR rank is being used by SEO experts to determine the quality of domains and helps them build their own PBNs. This was in contrast to Google business model of selling advertisement space. So in order to kill all compatitions Google officially retired public PageRank disclosure.

Luckily by that time, the SEO community was already working on a solution to overcome the problem. There were now 3rd party service providers who had the ability to scrap the whole web and gatter all backlinks data that is out there.

The fact of matter that Google Ads does not provide good value for investment and that majority of paying clients still prefer SERP results to Google Ads result has kept the SEO community alive and prospers all over the years.

One of the oldest providers in this field is Moz. PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) are two very important factors with similar results to Google PageRank and you can check them on Open Site Explorer. You can use these domain authority checkers to check the stats of domain you are going to buy.

As a rule of thumb any domain with PA and DA of less than 20 is not worth investing in.

Where to find high quality domains?

Two major provider of expired domains are GoDaddy Auction and NameJet. Both these providers keep their expired domains active an allow people to bid on those domains and buy them. The best thing about these 2 companies is that the domain you will end up buying is not a dropped domain and maintains its history and original purchase date. Using these providers you will be able to buy domains that are as old as the Internet.

Expired or dropped domains for PBN?

Another option to get high quality domains is to wait for them to be dropped all together. Domains who do are experied and are either from providers that do not auction expired domains or had no bids through expired domains auctions get dropped and are there to public to purchase as cheap as the registration price.

In comparision to going to auction and paying $100s of dollars these domains can be purchased for few bucks. The only important factor here is if the domains keep their original backlinks values or if Google reset those backlinks count?

Based on what we have experienced at our end and based on what Google has mentioned, the value of domains seems to stay the same as before as long as the new site resemble the old website.

This might be something worth investigating at your end too to see if you can purchase droped domains and still enjoys benefits of the old backlinks or not.