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What is Search Engine optimization?

In this section we first establish what SEO is and what can we achieve following the best SEO practices.

Seo IP Classes:

A, B and C classes explained

Our business model is based on selling web hosting with different IP classes. But what are those classes? In these series of articles we explore and learn more about the different IP classes and how they affect the SEO ranking.

What are the different IP classes?

Second article in the series discuss general and historial classful IP addresses.

What are the different SEO IP classes?

So far we have learned what different classes of each IPv4 address are. Now we will learn about the different SEO IP classes.

Backlinks are the most important SERP factors. But what are they and how do they affect the ranking?

What makes backlinks so important?

What different attributes an HTML link can get and how does it affect the ranking?

Private PBN:

What is a PBN?

What is a private blog network and how may it help your SEO business?

Google algorithms

What is RankBrain

What is Google RankBrain and how does it affect the search results?

What is Google Panda algorithm?

One of most important algorithm updates released by Google in the past decade is Panda algorithm. Lets dig deep and see what it is all about.

What is Google Penguin algorithm?

Another major algorithm update released by Google in the past decade is Penguin algorithm. Lets see what we know about these series of algorithm updates.