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We believe a modern SEO Hosting offering has to cover all aspects of a successful SEO network, including very fast TTFB, diverse geolocation close to your end users, natural looking network, IPs that are owned by many different providers and are from different datacenter, single WHM account to manage all cPanel domains and finally Free SSL for all domains!

SEO Hosting Packages

And a Free Gift!

Silver VPS

  1. 2GB of RAM
  2. 60GB of Hard Disk
  3. 5TB of Data Transfer
  4. Backed by WHM/cPanel
  5. Free with orders of 20 IP Packages and More
  6. Instant setup

Gold VPS

  1. 4GB of RAM
  2. 120GB of Hard Disk
  3. 10TB of Data Transfer
  4. Backed by WHM/cPanel
  5. Free with orders of 50 IP Packages and More
  6. Instant setup

Platinum VPS

  1. 8GB of RAM
  2. 240GB of Hard Disk
  3. 20TB of Data Transfer
  4. Backed by WHM/cPanel
  5. Free with orders of 130 IP Packages and More
  6. Instant setup

And Even More!!

HTTP/2 Support
Supported by Googlebot

send Backed by Googlebot in 2016
send Major performance boost
send Auto switch to HTTP1.1 for old requests
send Developed originally by Google developers
send First major HTTP protocol upgrade in 15 years

Most Diverse IPs
True zero footprint seo hosting

send 78+ Different A class, 130+ Different B Class IPs
send IPs owned by different companies
send Your domains scattered across 120+ datacenters
send Different rDNS, Whois and Registrar NIC
send IPs from all around the world
send Your own DNS servers

Secure Network
Actively protected servers

send Actively blocking Wordpress bruteforce attacks
send Live block of around 20,000 known global attackers
send NO SMTP port on SEO IPs/Zero SPAM
send Live monitor of all files against malwares and rootkits

ExSH Panel
designed by SEO experts

send The most anticipated SEO Hosting Panel
send Exclusively offered by Smart SEO Hosting
send Based on WHM/cPanel and KVM
send Automatic installation of wordpress across 300 IPs
send Global sites management from 1 single control panel

Google Owned IPs


IPs Owned by Giant of the Internet

We are the only SEO hosting company that has purchased IPS owned and hosted by Google, Microsoft and Amazon, located inside Google, Amazon and MS private data centers.

These are the most expensive and highly valued servers that money can buy. You cannot get any closer than this to Google and Bing\'s bots. So if your SEO strategy is based on the quality of IPs you should check our Google DC based packages.

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