May 25, 2019
SEO Marketing

With the continuous influence social media exerts on our daily lives, it is irrevocably changing the methods we employ in conducting our business across all levels. More precisely, it has changed the face of marketing from what we are used to, effectively creating new sources of jobs.

Let’s lay some emphasis on the effects of social media on press release, the dull processes of composing a third man release filled with nothing but facts, which was an integral part of a copywriters job as become a complex myriad of processes. This is about the social media news release.

Is there a big difference between a Social Media News Release and a Traditional Press Release?

Most definitely! It is no news that they both provide the populace with important, front page headline news, but that’s where it ends. A not so suitable comparison in terms of their differences is the regular guy who goes for workout on regular basis, and the hulk who lives on steroids and can bench-press his way out of under a mountain. The dude with all the mega-sized muscle and taut skin is the social media press release.

Todd Defren, the brain behind SHIFT communications principal and social media press release, designed it (social media press release) in a manner that appeals to and attracts the online media representatives. It considers all the tools related to social media within their grasp and creates an articulate, web-friendly format.

Just like in Traditional release, it commences with a title and concise summary, often in single sentence. It also starts up with;

  • Interesting pictures
  • Succinct points in bullet form as opposed to long essays that have reporters digging through extraneous content to find the needed information.
  • Website links that leads to social media accounts, sources of information and blogs for companies.
  • Easy access to sharing options of the release.
  • Videos on YouTube embedded for quick access.

Are there any cons to social media news release?

From my own perspective, the obvious drawback is the ineptness of social media release at replacing the traditional release; you may ask why I say this. I say this because;

  • For you to acquire any number of press, it is still a must that you get to traditional outlets. A typical example of this is when you wish to get coverage in the local newspaper; you’d have to send a regular release.
  • A lot of sites that do press release will exclusively accept traditional release. This makes getting seen there and getting the links subject to the composition of a standard release for submission.

This is where any ineptness ends. Other than the listed above things, to compose a social media release will increase your exposure which is just the thing you’d be needing for your business.