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Table of Contents

Getting Started

This is a must read document for all new clients. In this guide we go through all aspect of setting up your account. We also explain how this service is different than traditional cPanel hosting.

If you are coming from a traditional SEO Hosting provider or you have never used our service before, you may find the information in that document valuable.

Traditional SEO Hosting v Smart SEO Hosting

Traditional SEO Hosting or C-Class SEO hosting is a web hosting offering based on different Google patents. Unfortunately none of the old SEO Hosting providers have updated their service with the latest changes in Google algorithm. As a result many SEO agencies have seen their PBNs all deindexed over night and lose all their valuable domains.

In the past 6 years Smart SEO Hosting provided a safe solution to protect its clients business. This guide goes through the negative aspects of traditional SEO Hosting and explains how Smart SEO Hosting has managed to tackled all those issues.

Smart SEO Hosting Offerings Explained

A more detailed explanation of Smarts SEO Hosting zero footprint offering.

IPv6 SEO Hosting Guide

As the first an only IPv6 SEO Hosting provider, this guide goes through all the benefits of adding IPv6 to your sites. We also explain new concepts that are only relevant to this new technology.

PBN Best Practices Guide

A successful SEO business needs a powerful PBN. Without PBN you won't have access to high authority backlinks and you won't be able to make any meaningful changes to the ranking of your clients.

This guide explains how you can build and protect your PBN.

On Page SEO Guide

CloudLinux (Service Customization) Guide

Nameserver Registration Guide

Extreme SEO Hosting Panel Guide

Extreme SEO Hosting panel is an in house built panel that comes preinstalled with the free VPS gift. Here you will find its documentation.


A list of small day to day howto documents.

Troubleshooting Guide

This is a list of most recurring problems with their solutions. If you read this you probably not going to need our tech support team anymore :)