Meet our Team

In addition to hundreds of engineers from various companies who diligently work to ensure that your websites achieve high rankings, our team of talented colleagues has been delighted to offer continuous service to our clients for over a decade.

Photo of Ryan Alavi
Ryan Alavi

Founder / CEO

Spotlight on Ryan Alavi, the visionary founder at the core of our operations. With a Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering and a Master's in ICT, Ryan's academic journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for technology. His keen interest in AI culminated in a master thesis that delved deep into the realm of stock market predictions using artificial intelligence—a pioneering endeavor that showcased his forward-thinking approach.

Ryan's professional credentials are equally impressive, boasting certifications from industry giants like Cisco and Oracle (formerly Sun). His expertise has been sought after by leading corporates, having lent his talents to powerhouses like Telstra, AGL, and ANZ. Furthermore, his contributions to projects for tech titans Amazon and Microsoft have left indelible marks on the tech landscape.

But there's more to Ryan than just circuits and code. Away from the tech world, he soars the skies, indulging in his love for flying planes. And when he's grounded, you'll often find him navigating virtual skies in his favorite game, MS Flight Simulator.

Ryan's blend of academic excellence, industry experience, and personal passions makes him not just our founder but our guiding star. His leadership, combined with a relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to reach new heights. Whether you're discussing the latest in AI or sharing aviation tales, Ryan's enthusiasm and expertise shine through.

Photo of Ray Mickelsen
Ray Mickelsen

Senior Engineer

Step into the world of Ray Mickelsen, our esteemed Senior Engineer who stands at the helm of our engineering endeavors. With a hands-on approach and a strategic mindset, Ray seamlessly manages both our in-house team and our valued outsourcing partners, ensuring that every project is executed to perfection.

Ray's journey in engineering is marked by a blend of innovation and leadership. His technical prowess is matched only by his ability to bring teams together, fostering collaboration and driving results. Under his guidance, challenges are transformed into opportunities, and visions are translated into tangible outcomes.

Beyond the technical charts and project timelines, Ray is a mentor to many and a colleague to all. His door is always open for brainstorming sessions, troubleshooting, or even a casual chat about the latest industry trends.

His commitment to excellence, combined with his innate ability to lead and inspire, positions Ray as more than just our Senior Engineer. He's the linchpin of our operations, the guiding force ensuring that we consistently deliver beyond expectations. Whether you're a team member seeking guidance or a partner looking to collaborate, Ray is your go-to engineering maestro.

Photo of Declan Greco
Declan Greco

Technology Engineer

Step into the world of Declan Greco, our esteemed Technology Engineer. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Declan masterfully navigates the intricate realms of web hosting, SEO, and networking. His proficiency in PHP and Golang stands as a testament to his adaptability and dedication in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

While many know Declan for his technical prowess, there's a side to him that's equally endearing. Away from the screens and servers, he cherishes moments spent with his grandkids, often sharing tales of the digital age's dawn and teaching them the basics of coding. On weekends, you might find him indulging in a classic vinyl record collection or taking leisurely strolls in the park, often with a camera in hand to capture life's simple joys.

Declan's blend of seasoned expertise and timeless hobbies makes him a cherished member of our team. His depth of knowledge, combined with a heart that values both past and present, ensures that we remain grounded while reaching for the stars. Whether you're diving deep into a technical discussion or reminiscing about the golden days of tech, Declan's wisdom and warmth are ever-present.

Photo of Joshua Barić
Joshua Barić

Web Hosting Engineer

Meet Joshua Barić, our Web Hosting Engineer extraordinaire! With a knack for all things server-related, Joshua is the genius ensuring our websites are always up, running, and blazing fast.

Having worked on a myriad of web hosting projects over the years, Joshua's experience is as vast as the digital landscapes he navigates daily. His love for Linux and cPanel isn't just a professional toolset; it's a playground where he continually crafts and refines his skills.

But Joshua isn't just about domains and DNS. Outside of the server room, he's a bona fide geek at heart. Whether he's assembling a new Raspberry Pi project, diving into the latest sci-fi novel, or debating the merits of various Star Trek series, his enthusiasm for all things nerdy knows no bounds.

With a history rich in diverse web hosting challenges and a future always looking towards the next digital frontier, Joshua is more than just an engineer. He's our in-house web hosting guru. Got a hosting puzzle or a sci-fi recommendation? Joshua's your man!

Photo of Hugo Roberts
Hugo Roberts

Networking Engineer

Say hello to Hugo Roberts, the mastermind behind our impeccable networking infrastructure. As our Networking Engineer, Hugo ensures that every byte and bit flows seamlessly, keeping our operations smooth and our connections uninterrupted.

With a background that spans various high-profile networking projects, Hugo's expertise feels well beyond his years. His youthful energy, combined with a deep understanding of the digital realm, makes him a force to be reckoned with in the world of networking.

But Hugo's passions aren't confined to routers and switches. Off the clock, he's an avid gamer, diving into virtual worlds and often drawing parallels between them and his real-world networking challenges. And if he's not immersed in a game, you might find him experimenting with the latest smart home gadgets, turning his living space into a tech wonderland.

Hugo's blend of fresh perspectives, coupled with his vast experience, makes him not just an asset to our team but also a joy to collaborate with. Whether you're discussing the latest networking solutions or seeking recommendations for the next big game, Hugo's always up for a chat!

Photo of Neda Sabzevari
Neda Sabzevari


Meet Neda our dynamic Accounting Manager who's at the heart of our financial operations. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for numbers, she ensures that our financial house is always in perfect order.

But Neda isn't all about numbers and spreadsheets. When she's not crunching numbers, you'll find her exploring the great outdoors, hiking, or indulging in her love for photography. Her ability to find balance and beauty both in her work and hobbies reflects her unique approach to life.

Neda's commitment to excellence, coupled with her friendly demeanor, makes her not just an invaluable asset to our team but also a joy to work with. Whether it's a complex financial query or a casual chat about her latest hiking adventure, Neda's is always there to help.

Photo of Nate Ketilsson
Nate Ketilsson

Networking Engineer

Introducing Nate, the tech wizard behind our robust and seamless networking infrastructure. As our Networking Engineer, Nate ensures that our systems communicate flawlessly, keeping us connected and efficient.

A proud holder of certifications from top institutions, including the coveted CCNA and Linux Professional Institute, Nate's expertise is backed by years of hands-on experience. His affinity for Linux and cPanel isn't just professional; it's a passion that he dives deep into, always staying updated with the latest in the field.

But there's more to Nate than just cables and code. In his downtime, he's an avid mountain biker, exploring trails and soaking in the beauty of nature. His love for the outdoors is only rivaled by his enthusiasm for DIY tech projects, often merging his two passions to create innovative solutions.

Nate's blend of experience, knowledge, and youthful energy makes him a cornerstone of our tech team. Approachable and ever-willing to assist, whether you have a networking conundrum or need tips on the best biking trails, Nate's your go-to guy!

Photo of Aidan B
Aidan B

Tech Engineer

Dive into the digital world of Aidan, our dynamic Tech Engineer. With a natural flair for technology, Aidan effortlessly weaves his magic in Golang, Node.js, and Rust, bringing innovative solutions to life. His coding prowess is a testament to his passion and dedication, ensuring that our tech landscape remains cutting-edge and efficient.

Beyond the lines of code and intricate algorithms, Aidan has a zest for life that's infectious. He often draws inspiration from his rich cultural heritage, blending traditional wisdom with modern tech insights. When he's not optimizing a server or crafting a new application, you might find him exploring the latest tech meet-ups, or immersed in a coding challenge, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Aidan's blend of fresh perspectives and deep technical knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to our team. His youthful energy, combined with a profound respect for both past and present, ensures that we're always a step ahead in the tech game. Whether you're discussing the nuances of a programming language or seeking insights into the future of digital innovation, Aidan's your go-to tech maestro.