The 4 Things You Need to Have in Your Landing Page Copy to Get Leads

April 15, 2019
marketing landing page

We are mostly familiar with the popular notion of the first impression lasting the longest, which means it could make or mar your relationships. With your landing page being the first point of contact of a user on your website, you need to have a properly articulated and fashioned copy that glues the user’s attention on the spot, wins them over, and convinces them to act further. The experience of writing over countless writing pages has taught me a lot of invaluable lessons.

The pick of the lot, however, is that an efficient copy of a landing page must consist of four pivotal elements:

1. Brief, catchy, and purposeful headline

As the first element of your website the visitor will encounter, it more often than not determines whether the visitor is interested in what you have or not. Your headline should be something stimulating and attractive to the visitor, to keep his attention glued to your page. It must be characterized with brevity, beauty, and purpose. You can try out various headlines to see which is most befitting.

2. Obvious gains

This points out what exactly your visitor stands to gain from your products, or services, how, the issues of life it seeks to address, and an overview of how it improves the quality of life. These should take the fore, and the technical characteristics of your products will follow later. From experience, you might find it better to highlight and list the benefits for the sake of distinctiveness and ease of comprehension.

3. Confidence-consolidating elements

Due to the increased number of shady and fraudulent companies scouring the Internet, consumers are rightly paranoid these days. That’s why it is of utmost importance you pay cognizance to building the confidence of visitors in your products. There are several ways by which these can be done, which include; the inclusion of ratings and feedbacks from satisfied customers, pointing out awards, certification, media coverage or honors your company has received, guarantee a firm return policy, which quashes any iota of doubt left, and be easily accessible.

4. Stimulus of action

– To maximize generation of leads, you must aggregate data and information from visitors to your site, be it through a data form, collection of email addresses in return for a product/service demo or eBook, contact through mobile calls, or choose a different kind of action. The purpose of this element is instigating them to take an action you want them to. It’s important to have an unambiguous, but profound feature to stimulate action.

If you think there are other vital elements that comprise a good landing page copy which was not included in this write up, you can share your opinions in the comments section below.