Major upgrade to Smart SEO Hosting network

In one of our biggest expansion to date, Smart SEO Hosting established its presence in 30+ new datacenters from all around the world. Here is this blog posts we will explain what this new expansion is and why you should be as excited as we are about it.

1. A little bit of history

As you are well aware our business and design model is based on the principal of providing a revolutionary and natural looking network of web hosting offerings that not only should make your PBN safer and immune from Google de-indexation it can provide a better SEO Boost. How? By simulating a natural looking network of hosted domains and what is more natural than domains that are hosted on as many datacenters possible.

In other words rather than going and buying 300+ hosting accounts from different providers you can come to us and buy a single account yet have your domains appear as if they are hosted by different companies and providers.

One major advantage of this approach is that we can always provide IPs from many different A and B class IPs. While with a traditional SEO Hosting you get all your IPS from a single datacenter and at best on 2 or 3 different A class (and as a result an easy victim for Google de-indexation) here we provide IPs that are on 100+B classes and 50+ A classes and are from different datacenters, countries and even continents!

1.2. What are A class IPs and why they matter?

An Internet IP has 4 parts A.B.C.D. Each octet (but A which is 1- 255) is a single number between 0  to 255. Each octet to the right is a member of the octet to the left for instance for IP address -> 12.13.14 is a member of 1 while 13.14 is a member of 1.12 and 14 is a member  1.12.13.

To understand this concept lets think about a physical address in real world as follow:

USA, California, LA , 200 Queens.

In this case “California, LA , 200 Queens” is a member of USA and LA is a member of “USA,California” and so on.

As you can see from the about definition the whole Internet has only 255 A class IPs. In reality many of those A class IPs are allocated to governmental departments or are private and not routable IPs leaving us with around 150 A class IPs for public consumption.

As you can clearly see if 2 IPs are on different A class there is technically no relation between them while when IPs are on the same C class they are almost certainly on the same dedicated server/LAN. From SEO perspective a site that gets backend from different A classes should get better juice than a site that gets all its backlink from the same IP or same C-class.

1.3. How did we perform after major Google deindexation of 2014?

2014 was not an easy year for many of the major SEO Hosting companies and was the best performing year for us! While traditional SEO Hosting providers were losing clients we became a refuge for their clients and this is why:

In the second part of 2014, Google started a major hunt on PBN networks. Google found and de-indexed majority of PBNs out there and the job was almost too easy for Google.

Majority of traditional SEO Hosting providers which provide a mere c-class hosting, have their servers allocated in a single datacenter   in east coast USA (We are not gonna name the datacenter but if you have been in this business for more than few months you probably know who we are talking about and Google does too!). So for Google the practice was easy. It would find a money site and then check its backlinks and when the majority of them were from a single DC, all the domain providing the backlinks were de-indexed.

How did our network perform this major Google update? The answer to this question needs a separate article but briefly we can look at the results from 5 different perspectives.

A. None of the domain on our own PBN has been deindexed by Google.

B. The rate of Googlebot visit to our Network never dropped and has increased constantly. We believe if a site get deindexed Google stops visiting it and we haven’t seen any drop in the rate Google visits all the domains that are hosted on Smart SEO Hosting.

C. Our customer base has grown substantially after the Google update. Most our Existing clients have upgraded their packages and many new clients have moved their domain over to us and for a period of time all our high-end plans were sold out.

D. For 3 months in 2015 we were under constant DDoS attack and if it wasn’t for our state of art network security design we wouldn’t survive that level of attack. All we can say is that our competition rather than investing in their business model decided to attack us unethically by DDoSing our servers and they failed miserably. What they didn’t know was that all our servers were on DDoS protected IPs.

2. What is the new expansion all about?

Gaining many new clients in the second part of 2015 forced us to expand our network. First we now had more money to invest in our network and second most our larger plans were sold out and we were getting new clients every day.

We also wanted to make sure that our network covers as many datacenters as possible (We now have more than 130 DCs under our offering!) and we also wanted our highly valuable clients to have access to the largest A class IP range possible.

As a result we started talking and working with 30+ new providers from all around the world, Asia, South America, USA and Canada, Africa and Europe and finally Australia.

We rented more servers and IPs inside the Google DC in their US and Europe DCs and we expanded our network to cover and impressive 58 A class IPs.

3. What does this mean in terms of numbers?

In terms of numbers we can now offer 50 A class IPs instantly from all over the world (30 A class IPs from USA alone!)

You can also instantly purchase or upgrade up to these values:

  • 30+ different C class IPs from Google datacenters.
  • 20+ Different C class from Australia and 30+ Different C class from UK
  • 50+ Different A class IPs globally
  • 30+ Different A class in USA
  • 120+ Different B class IPs
  • 300 Different C class IPs.

All the above offerings (unless sold out) are instantly available to all our clients

4. Why should I care about the new expansion?

You should care about this new expansion for 3 reasons:

A. If you care about your network and you don’t want to get deindexed, you should host them on more than 1 DC and the more datacenters the better. Comparing our service with 130+ DCs with other providers that only have 1 DC is no longer a fair comparison!

B. If you want to have a successful business you need to stay with a provider who is expanding and not shrinking!

C. Last time we had a major upgrade most of our rare IPs got sold out fast. If you need more IPs you might need to consider acting sooner than later.


We hope this blog post explained why the new expansion is a big deal and why we were so excited to share the news with you.