4 Questions Visitors Have When They Arrive on Your Website

January 1, 2020
marketing website traffic

Curiosity drives people online. When online, people usually want to know something. They are driven to websites by questions, and they will keep going until they find answers. Now, we wouldn’t want visitors to check out competitor’s sites for answers, right? Right!

To keep visitors in your website, it is very important for their questions to be addressed. Other than questions about their specific needs, there are usually just 4 simple questions that visitors have, whether consciously or not. Let us discuss the what, the who, the how, and the where.

  1. What? - To be more specific, what they’re looking for. This question takes the first spot, as it is most important when checking out websites. First impressions are important in this case, as people these days are not that patient to dig around a website for something they need. Instead, show them what they need right away. If they know that you have what they need, there should be not much reason for them to go anywhere else.
  2. Who? - People want to know if you can be trusted, and this holds true online just as much as it does in real life. Other than your services, you might want to add some good words from customers somewhere in your site. Good design and content are also very important to keep your website looking trustworthy and legitimate. Company information and contact details helps as well!
  3. How? - On a related topic, people want to know more about who they do business with. Ask yourself how your visitors can know you better. Let them know more about you by having an “About Us” page where you could state what your company and services are about.
  4. Where? - Just in case they would want to contact you, they should know where to do so. A clear “Contact Us” page will do your website wonders, especially on the field of customer service. Keep it simple by providing an email address and phone number on your contact page, but you may also try having an online form for your customer’s convenience.

How about you? Is there anything else you want answered when in a website?