I get "ERROR: Too many failed login attempts. Please try again" in wordpress login page.

First a little background on why you get this error:
This error comes from a wordpress limit_login plugin.
Due to load balancing and DDoS protection the majority of our IPs are behind loadbalancers, as a result limit login plugin always sees the IP of the load balancer as the IP of requester.

To fix this problem follow this steps:

1. Login to your WHM account

2. From the left menu click on "List Accounts"

3. From the list of the accounts on the right find the domain name that has this problem and click on the cpanel icon next to it. This action will log you into the cpanel account of that domain

4. In the cpanel click on "phpMyAdmin"

5. Inside phpmyadmin and on the left menu click on your wordpress database name

6. select "wp_options" table

7. on the right frame click on "show All". This option will list all the records in the "wp_options" table

8. find the row that says "limit_login_lockouts" and click on the delete icon to delete that row.

9. Now you should be able to login to wordpress, Login to word press

10. Go to the plugin list and select the limit login plugin

11. under the options for the plugin select "Behind proxy" and save it.

Let us know if you need any help.

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