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What is a WHM package?

Julian Lister
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Julian Lister

A package is collection of predefined specifications which define what a user or domain may have access to. An example would be our shared web hosting plans (Hatchling, Baby, Business). You would need at least one (1) package to be created in order to create a new account in WHM. You may have multiple sites installed on one package as well.

Creating a New Package

  1. Go to WHM > Packages > Add a Package.
  2. Fill out the values you want for your hosting plan. This includes the Package Name.  Common settings include “10” for Quota, “100” for Bandwidth, and “unlimited” for everything else.
  3. Once done, click the Add button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Now go to WHM > Account Functions > Upgrade/Downgrade an Account.
  5. Select your domain name and click the Modify button.
  6. Select the name of your new plan and click the Upgrade/Downgrade button.
  7. All done!

Package Limitations You Can Set

Packages define the limitations of cPanel accounts that you create. The limitations which you may set are as follows:

  • Quota (MB) - Disk space in megabytes available for the cPanel account.
  • Bandwidth (MB) - Data transfer in megabytes available for the cPanel account.
  • Max FTP Accounts
  • Max Email Accounts
  • Max Email Lists
  • Max Databases
  • Max Sub Domains
  • Max Parked Domains
  • Max Addon Domains

Creating Multiple Packages

As a reseller, it is a good idea to create multiple packages of different sizes. This strategy gives potential customers more options to choose from when they sign up with you. Also, with several packages, your existing customers will have options for upgrading as their hosting needs increase.

Feature Lists

Packages also allow you to limit options available inside of the cPanel using Feature Lists. Creating a feature list is easy, in WHM, click on the “Feature Manager,” select a name for the new feature list and click “Add.” The next screen will have a long list of features that you may disable by removing the check from the box next to the name of the feature.

Feature lists may only be applied via the package that is associated with the cPanel account. If you have 5 cPanel accounts that are all set up on the same package and you wish to change the feature list of only one of those cPanel accounts, then you must create a separate package for that one cPanel account and assign the new package to the desired cPanel account.