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How to Adjust Disk Space Quotas in WHM?

Julian Lister
Written by
Julian Lister
To fix this problem, follow these steps:
  1. log in to the WHM with your reseller username and password
  2. Create a new package and assign more disk space to the new package.
  3. Ensure you enter a value for the bandwidth field and do NOT check the unlimited checkbox.[1]
  4. Click on the “upgrade/downgrade an account” item on the left menu
  5. Select the name of the domain with the problem from the list and then click on the modify link
  6. On the next page, change the newly created package from the list and click on the upgrade/downgrade button.

Your domain should now have the new disk space limit.

  1. If you have ordered one of our unlimited offerings, you may set this number to something big. Otherwise this value needs to be within your bandwidth limit ↩︎