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October 26, 2021
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We are rebranding our main website from “” to “” as part of our rebranding strategy.

To avoid any significant SEO ranking drop, we will rebrand the in different phases. We expect the entire process to finish in the first quarter of 2022

Why are we doing this?

Besides the obvious SERP benefits, this move aligns with how we want our business to transform.

What are the new offerings?

  1. After more than a decade of leading seo hosting services, we will move towards a more API based approach. We want all our clients to be able to manage and integrate our services into their products easily. To achieve the objective, we will open up the backend API to our clients.
  2. In addition, we are going to make our latest lab product public. Without going too much into details, this new product makes it technically possible to attach IPs from different data centres to a single VPS server.
  3. Later in 2022, you can expect a new set of APIs to query all expiring domains on the market. You should be able to use the new product for hunting expiring domains and building up your PBN.
  4. Finally, we will provide another group of white-labelled APIs to automate most SEO related diagnoses. Using these APIs, you will be able to provide a professionally organized PDF to your clients for each one of their domains and the competitors of those domains.

We want to be the backend engine of your SEO business.

In the past decade, we protected our clients’ websites from Google penalties and helped many SEO businesses prosper. Moving forward, and as, we want to stay ahead of the curve as we did before by automating most SEO related tasks.

As always, we appreciate your business.