5 Tips for Writing Controversial Blog Posts

January 12, 2020
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Nothing causes more talk than controversy, and that holds true even today in the digital age. Controversy is, at most times, divisive. It is the cause of exchanges of different ideas, causing traffic and activity to increase in a particular profile or post, catching the eyes and screens of more people, who are then pulled into the discussion. Viral posts are now the source of validation in the society, and to have one would almost feel like placing your footprints on the moon.

However, one must tread lightly. One wrong move and you will be branded, and the internet doesn’t forget. You need to know how to survive, and luckily, we have some tips to help you stir some controversy online effectively.

  1. Plant your feet firm – Controversial points will only cause conversations when at least two people want to continue talking. To cover half of the two, you should have strong belief in a particular side of an issue, and you should be willing to defend it. Be passionate, but you should also be educated about what you choose to be passionate about. Online, persistence could be quite rewarding, but it does still pay to be right sometimes.
  2. Facts and numbers help – No matter how passionate you are about your stand, a baseless argument simply would not do. To avoid being ripped apart online, back up your words with facts, or maybe even statistics in some cases. You have to make sure that what you’re saying makes sense, and that you have some science behind it, too! Keep in mind, though, that no matter how sound your logic is, somebody out there has other ideas.
  3. Leave people something to talk about – As stated in the tip #1, there are at least 2 people in a discussion. As you are the 1st person, there should always be a 2nd. You don’t have to worry when somebody claims to have another point. Keep in mind that you want a long debate, and that doesn’t mean that you have to be correct. You might want to start thinking of your next response. Perhaps something for to people talk about for a few days?
  4. Time your post well – Most times, discussions on viral posts keep going for days on end. Try making a post in the early days of the week, preferably right after the weekend. This would give people something to talk about over the next few days, at least. Online traffic is quite hectic during weekends, and that much activity might drown out your post.
  5. ENGAGE! – There is so much activity online these days that viral posts keep popping up every few hours, or even minutes! To keep your post active, make sure to respond to reactions, replies, and comments on your post. The more you engage, the more people talk, and activity attracts attention online. A post’s activity is what causes it to go viral.

Hope that helps! Do you have anything else to add? Comment down. Lets discuss!