Updates to the Search Console Video Indexing Report Now Available

February 1, 2023

Google recently launched a new report in Search Console to help users measure the performance of their videos on Google and identify possible areas of improvement. On Wednesday, February 01, 2023, they announced updates to the report which will help users achieve these goals more effectively.

One of these updates is a new feature in the Video Indexing Report. This feature allows users to view the number of daily video impressions over time. The impressions are aggregated by page, which means that if the same page appears multiple times in a single search result page or Discover session, each appearance is counted as an impression.

The Search Performance Report only groups video search appearances by property (not by URL), meaning that if multiple pages show up in a search result, only one impression is counted. As such, this report may show lower impression counts than what is seen in the Video Indexing Report. Google Search Console has released a new feature to help users focus on the video pages that matter most to them: the Video Indexing Report Sitemap Filter. This filter applies to all features of the report, including the chart, chart totals, issue list, and exports. With this new feature, users can now filter their Video indexing report to show only video pages present in a selected sitemap.

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