The Search Analytics API now supports Discover, Google News, and Regex

October 25, 2021

The Google Search Console Performance reports already show data about Search, Discover, and Google News to site owners that have this type of traffic. Since we launched the Discover and Google News performance reports, we’ve been receiving requests from users to also add these stats to the Search Analytics API. We are happy to announce that this is happening today.

The searchType parameter, which previously enabled you to filter API calls by news,video, image, and web, will be renamed totype and will support two additional parameters: discover (for Google Discover) andgoogleNews (for Google News). Please note that while we renamed the parameter to type, we’re still supporting the old name searchType.

Sample Search Analytics API call with new parameters

The Search Console team has announced new features coming to the Search Analytics API, including compatibility with more data types and regex support.

Some metrics and dimensions are already compatible with the Search Analytics API, but others (like queries and positions) are not. With the new update, more data types will be compatible. In addition, the team is adding regex support to the query and page dimensions. This will allow for more accurate results when using the API.

Check out the Search Analytics API documentation to learn more. If you have any questions, you can ask in the Search Central community or on Twitter.

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