Aligning Search Console Testing Tools With the URL Inspection Tool

October 11, 2021

In order to help users find and fix issues in web pages, the Search Console team provides three public standalone tools to website owners and SEOs: AMP, Mobile Friendly, and Rich Results. These tools are powered by the same engine as Search Console's URL Inspection tool.

The changes include standardization of previous features, plus new features that you may be familiar with from the URL Inspection tool. Specifically, from now on the following fields will be reported both on public testing and URL inspection tools: page availability, whether Google was able to crawl the page, when it was crawled, or any obstacles that it encountered when crawling the URL.

Google has announced a new Rich Results test that allows developers to test how their pages will appear in Google search results. The test, which is available in Google Search Console, includes three features:

  • HTTP headers - The HTTP header response returned from the inspected URL.
  • Page screenshot - The rendered page as seen by Google.
  • Paired AMP inspection, Inspect both canonical and AMP URL.
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