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The Twitter-Media Connection: A Guide for Beginners

The point of media, in the business standpoint anyway, is to increase a company’s reach. Media platforms could be used to grow your influence and to reach people who might be valuable clients in the future. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, that is the treasure, and the key for access to the good stuff is based on how good your relationship is with the media. And, unfortunately, that is not always something that can be bought in the store.

Schedule your Tweets... The Right Way

Not much spare time? Looking for social media growth? Want to be active for your Twitter followers despite it all? Try doing some scheduling!

Bleeding Followers? We might know why.

Despite people claiming that quality is better than quantity, there are also some that claim that there is strength in numbers. When it comes to your social media followers, quantity DOES weigh more than quantity. The number of your followers is noticed by people who see your page, as it is a threshold of legitimacy and relevance. Since that is the case, you should pay attention to the number of your followers closer than you think.

5 Media Relations Mistakes to Avoid

The availability of social media makes public relations quite simpler than it was back when traditional media was the way to go. In the days when social media was not in the mainstream, the peak of PR would be a TV appearance, and once you get seen on TV, business gets easier and better.